6 U.S. Cities with the Most Robust Job Markets in 2014

If you're on the hunt for a job and open to relocation, consider hitting up one of these promising cities where unemployment is low and job growth is excellent. These areas cater to a variety of specialties from tech to tourism. Head where the outlook is rosy and consider snagging a job from these hot markets.

San Jose- Sunnyvale - Santa Clara, California – The Silicon Valley Paradise

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The tech boom has caused major growth in job opportunities in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara area, otherwise known as Silicon Valley. The area saw a 4.3 percent increase in jobs last year. Between September 2013 and September 2014, employment increased 3.5 percent, adding 34,400 jobs in the area. Throughout 2014, the job market has improved.

Unemployment went from 5.5 percent in August to 5.2 percent in September. In the combined Santa Clara and San Benito area, employment increased by 5,800 jobs between August and September.

Most jobs in the area are predictably related to the tech sector. Information jobs have increased 37 percent since 2008.

Between September 2013 and September 2014, information jobs increased by 7,300. The computer and electronic products manufacturing sector added 4,100 jobs and computer systems design added 2,500 jobs. The only other area to show significant growth was private education and health services, which grew by 6,800 jobs between 2013 and 2014.

San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City, California – A Hub for Big Business

The San Francisco-San Mateo-Redwood City area is benefiting from the tech boom as well. In San Francisco, information jobs have increased 28 percent since 2008. Unemployment is down to 4.2 percent in September 2014 from 5.3 percent a year before. Between September 2013 and September 2014, jobs increased by 3.7 percent, accounting for about 39,600 jobs.

The professional and business services sector saw the greatest increase with 16,000 new jobs. Leisure and hospitality jobs increased by 5,200 and construction jobs increased by 12.1 percent to 4,700 new jobs. Between 2013 and 2014, private educational and health services jobs increased by 4,600 and trade, transportation, and utilities gained 4,000 jobs. Of these, retail trade accounted for more than half with 2,100 new jobs. Government jobs increased as well, with 2,500 new positions.

Naples, Florida – A Sunny Haven with Major Growth

Naples, Florida's projected annual job growth through 2016 is at a healthy 4.1 percent, leading Forbes to call it the best city for future job growth in 2014. This gives it the fastest expected job growth among the country's 200 largest metropolitan areas. The promising Naples economy is due in part to the city's status as a wealthy retirement community. The housing market is improving which fuels many construction jobs. Spending is also increasing for consumer goods, making this is a smart pick for retail jobs.

Naples is also a prominent vacation destination with jobs in the travel and tourism industry. While total nonfarm employment has increased 3.7 percent over the last year, employment in the mining, logging, and construction industry has grown 7.1 percent. Employment in manufacturing has increased even more, with 9.7 percent growth. Leisure and hospitality jobs increased 4.1 percent between September 2013 and September 2014, and professional and business services grew 6.6 percent.

Austin, Texas – Where Education and Tech Meet

Austin, Texas is well-known as a mecca for job growth. The city is projected to have annual growth of 3.5 percent. Over the last five years, it netted the third highest net migration rate in the country. Austin is a hub for both education and technology. Home to the University of Texas at Austin, it has over 50,000 students and 24,000 faculty and staff members. The city is also home to several leaders in the tech industry.

Employment in the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos area is increasing steadily, with annual growth of 3.6 percent between September 2013 and September 2014. Growth is particularly notable in leisure and hospitality, where jobs have increased 7.2 percent. Job growth in professional and business services is 6.9 percent, and trade, transportation, and utility jobs have increased 5.8 percent over the last year. The area's unemployment rate was just 4.2 percent in September 2014, compared to 5.2 percent in Texas as a whole.

Salt Lake City, Utah – Diverse Options at the Western Crossroads

Salt Lake City has an impressively low unemployment rate of just 3.2 percent. Job growth increased 2.8 percent overall between September 2013 and September 2014. However, growth was much more pronounced in other industries. In mining, logging, and construction, jobs increased 10.7 percent. Job growth was 6.1 percent in leisure and hospitality and 5.5 percent in information.

Considered the "Crossroads of the West," Salt Lake City boasts a diverse job market with opportunities in many industries. The most prominent are tourism, transportation, industrial banking, and healthcare. The city is home to the headquarters for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Several schools call Salt Lake City home, including the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, and Westminster College. Outdoor recreation like skiing dominates the tourism industry.

Greeley, Colorado – Steady Growth in a Business Destination

In recent months, unemployment in Greeley has dropped significantly from 5.5 percent in April 2014 to just 3.8 percent in September. Meanwhile, total nonfarm employment increased 4.2 percent between September 2013 and September 2014. Employment in mining, logging, and construction increased 12.8 percent. However, job growth isn't steady across the board. In fact, jobs decreased 14.3 percent in information and 3.9 percent in leisure and hospitality.

Greeley still ranked well on Forbes list of the best cities for future job growth, with a projected annual growth of 3.8 percent. In 2013 alone, job growth was an impressive 5.1 percent. Greeley's major industries are health care and education. The city is home to the University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College. It ranks 20th in the country on Forbes list of the best places for business and careers.

Get to know your options across the country, and you can plan your future career growth so you're ideally placed for the best opportunities in your industry.

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